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Seattle, known for its vibrant coffee culture, is a city that takes its coffee seriously. It's no surprise, then, that some of the best coffee roasters in Seattle, namely Langskip Coffee, are inspired by the culture, flavors, and techniques of the Scandinavian coffee scene.

In this blog we will explore the similarities and differences between Seattle and Scandinavian coffee and coffee culture.

What is Scandinavian Coffee Culture?

Scandinavian culture has long been known to have a love for coffee, with the Nordic countries ranking among the highest coffee consumers in the world. The centuries-old culture obsesses over the importance of charming, communal spaces where people can gather and socialize. They cherish the brief pause taken out of each day to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Nordics are also known to be avid adventurists, and find peace within their beautiful terrain. It is said that in Scandinavian culture, “Coffee is as much a part of Norwegian hiking as hiking boots” (Coffee Culture in Norway). Within the same article, author Mathew Paul Gundersensays that Turkaffe, AKA hiking coffee, is part of a long tradition, conveying how going hiking without it is an almost impossible occurrence!

At Langskip Coffee, we are inspired by this culture of finding a moment of peace and relaxation in conjunction with enjoying a cup of coffee.

The Qualities of Scandinavian Coffee

So, how do the Nordics make their coffee? Scandinavian coffee is characterized by a focus on high-quality beans and light roasts.These elements result in a light, bright, brew full of complex flavors which focus on showcasing the unique characteristics of each bean.

Coffee roasters in Scandinavia often source their beans from small-scale farms and cooperatives, ensuring that the coffee is grown sustainably and ethically in fair trade farms. This commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in the flavor of the coffee, with each cup offering a rich, complex taste that is a true reflection of the beans themselves.

A Coffee Roaster with Seattle Roots

Seattle’s culture around coffee reflects Scandinavian culture as well. Like the Nordics, Seattle locals share a devotion for their favorite cozy coffee shops, and will flock to these mini oases to find refuge from those rainy days the city is most known for. Additionally, Seattle coffee culture shares a passion for outdoor recreation, populating a landscape that bears close resemblance to that of the Nordic countryside. It is rich in hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and fishing, and therefore, it is rich in people who love getting outside in the fresh pine air. 

Quality local Seattle coffee roasters, like Langskip Coffee, are also known to roast in small batches. However, many Seattle coffee roasters differ in the amount of time they roast their beans, and prefer a darker roast (i.e. roast for longer) than Scandinavian roasters. These types of roasts pair well with milk or cream and sugar, as the add-ins dull the acidity and bitterness, yet often do not compromise flavor. 

Despite the fact that the most popular coffee franchise to come out of Seattle is known for their dark roasts and sugary drinks, the heart of Seattle’s coffee scene is actually known for their art of coffee bean choice and various roasting abilities. The hipster/grunge coffee snobs who value trends that were once thought of as “hippie” concepts run the culture in the heart of Seattle. These ideologies have grown into popularity as people are investing more in ethically and ecologically friendly ways to source. Seattle coffee roasters are not only choosing more quality beans, but they are buying them from fair trade farms now too.

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It can be easily revealed that Seattle coffee and Nordic coffee cultures share many similarities, from a love of coffee and the outdoors to a commitment to sustainability and social welfare. Both are united by a shared set of values that prioritize community, environment, and social justice. Both represent Langskip Coffee and all the qualities that make it one of the best coffees to represent Seattle coffee roasters. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a great cup to start your day, Langskip Coffee is a must-try in Seattle's vibrant coffee scene.

We hope that you find a perfect mix of cultures in each of our blends. From our light, bright, and flavorful Marka and Kos to our rich, bold, and velvety Uff Da Blend. With each sip, we aspire to help you find the beauty in shared cultures and feel inspired to get out, gather, and adventure! We are here for it.

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